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How to Save on Your Electric Bill & Stay Cool This Summer: 10 Tips

Summer may not officially start until June 21, but we’re already experiencing the heat here in Minnesota. Wondering how to save on your electric bill while staying cool this summer? Read on to learn about 10 money-saving tips to help minimize your cooling costs. 1. Set Ceiling Fans to Counterclockwise and Use Them Ceiling fans can make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler while using a fraction of the energy air conditioners require. When set to rotate counterclockwise, they create a downdraft for a gentle, cooling breeze. 2. Use Portable Fans to Create a Cooling BreezeIn addition to ceiling fans (or instead of if you don’t have one), portable fans can provide an energy-saving cooling alternative. Place them in a window to draw in cool air or use them to create a cross-breeze in your room. 3. Close Curtains and Blinds to Block the SunSunshine entering through windows will naturally add heat to the home. To prevent this, close curtains and blinds during the day. 4. Install Window Film for Additional ProtectionFor additional protection against the heat of sunshine, consider installing window film. This specialized film can block up to 80% of the sun’s heat, effectively reducing your cooling costs. 5. Use Natural Ventilation Whenever PossibleOn cooler days and nights, open windows […]

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