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DMU Press Release

Due to record cold and snow this winter, the Delano Water Power & Light Commission requested that DMU estimate energy and water usage for the months of January and February 2019. The January estimate was computed using the prior 12-month period while it was assumed that corrections would be applied to the February billing cycle. Unfortunately, record snows piled up and forced the Commission to once again request that energy and water usage be estimated to aid in the efficiency of our meter reading cycle for February. DMU customers are inquiring about high costs of the March “true-up” invoice. This bill represents the difference between the previous two estimated months and the actual readings collected by our meter reading crews. State laws allow utilities to estimate usage due to weather, workforce, or other issues as long as the estimated readings are “trued-up” at least once per year. Unfortunately, our social media and on-bill notifications failed; for that we are truly sorry for any hardships experienced by our customers. In an effort to ease any burden, DMU will happily accept a payment arrangement so that the true-up difference can be paid over time with no penalty. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, and vow to improve our communications with our customers.

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