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How to Lower Your Water Bill: Summer Irrigation Tips

Man watering his garden in the morning the help lower his summer water bill.

Hot and sunny days are almost here, Minnesotans! It likely comes as no surprise that, in our state, most of the outdoor water use occurs during summer. While higher utility bills can be expected, they shouldn’t—and don’t have to—burn a hole in your wallet. Here are some residential irrigation tips to help lower your water bill this summer. Verify That Your Lawn Needs Watering Before Doing So Healthy, well-established lawns don’t require daily watering. Verify that your grass needs water first by stepping on it. Proceed with watering if the blades stay flat; hold off if they spring back. Water Your Lawn Infrequently but Efficiently Be strategic with when and how you water: Stay Cognizant with Automatic Irrigation Systems Automatic irrigation systems may be convenient, but they can also easily lead to overwatering. Instead of leaving them on for the entire summer, you should keep them off except for during extended dry spells. Again, infrequent deep soaking is the way to promote healthy turf while conserving water. Additionally, consider investing in a soil moisture sensor (SMS). These devices make automatic irrigation systems more efficient by measuring the amount of moisture in the soil and interrupting the watering schedule if sufficient levels are detected. Use Smart Mowing Practices The essentials of proper lawn mowing […]

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