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Delano Municipal Utilities 2023 State Water Safety Report

At Delano Municipal Utilities, our mission is “to provide consistent and dependable power and water services to our customers in a sustainable and economical manner.” That’s why every year, DMU partners with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to test the city of Delano’s drinking water for more than 100 contaminants. And once again, the test results from 2023 reflect the purpose of our mission. Read our blog to learn more about our 2023 state water safety report, or the Consumer Confidence Report. 2023 Consumer Confidence Report Results Since no water supply is entirely free from contaminants, it’s common to find trace amounts of them. MDH, once again, found no water quality violations in the analysis, and any contaminants detected were well below limits set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For more details and to access the full report (including instructions for reading the results), please click HERE. DMU’s Water Treatment Process Delano obtains its public water from four wells drilled into the Jordan Aquifer. After pumping groundwater to the surface, DMU employs pressure filters to remove iron and manganese. Then, several procedures are implemented to enhance water quality and reduce hardness: DMU conducts monthly testing of public water at multiple locations to ensure it consistently meets both state and federal […]

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