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Reinstated: Electrical Connection Fees for New Development Applications

The Delano Water, Power & Light Commission voted to re-instate previously suspended electrical connection fees for new development applications in Delano. This decision allows the utility to recover costs associated with the growth of the community from the developers and builders. These fees were suspended in 2010 to stimulate growth of the community. This suspension was intended only as a temporary measure to aid recovery from a recession in 2009. “Currently, Delano Municipal Utilities socializes these costs and blends them into our cost of doing business”, according to Paul Twite, General Manager of DMU. “By reinstating fees, the actual cost of development is born by the builders and not our existing customer base” Twite said. Delano currently charges contractors for access to stormwater, sewer and drinking water systems in town. These electrical fees better align our community-owned business model with surrounding communities.

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