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Winter Weather Safety Tips for Minnesota

With the temps dropping and the snow falling, it’s time we face the music: Another Minnesota winter is upon us. It happens every year and yet we still never feel ready. To help ensure a safe and comfortable season for you and your family, we’ve put together some key winter weather safety tips. Continue reading to learn more. Be Smart with Space Heaters Space heaters can help warm up drafty or extra-chilly areas around the home, but they also create a potential fire hazard. In fact, they cause an average of 1,700 residential fires annually. Follow these guidelines to help keep your home and family safe: Speaking of heaters, schedule annual maintenance services for your furnace with an HVAC professional. They’ll inspect, clean, and tune up your system so it’s running with optimal safety and efficiency. Also, maintain a clean air filter to prevent decreased efficiency, indoor air quality, and system breakdowns. Be Proactive with Holiday Fire Hazards Holiday decorations, especially candles, Christmas trees, and lights, can pose serious safety hazards without the proper precautions. This winter, and especially around the holidays, follow these tips: Prepare Your Car(s) for Winter Weather and Emergencies We all know how difficult and dangerous driving can be during Minnesota’s cold, snowy winters. Plan ahead with these safety […]

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