Water Quality Update

Delano gets its drinking water from 4 wells located around the City. The wells pump groundwater from the Quaternary Buried Artesian aquifer – this is the layer of material that overlies the sandstone and shale bedrock in the region. The depths of these wells range from 123 feet to 185 feet. Water is pumped through a system of raw water mains, to the water treatment plant, where it is filtered through several layers of filtering media that removes virtually all iron and manganese. Chlorine (for disinfection) and fluoride are added to the water in accordance with State laws. The water is then pumped through the network of water mains to the water tower where it arrives at your door under pressure.

Some customers have noticed a distinctive bleach or chlorine smell from their tap water. DMU intentionally raised the chlorine level this fall because of the need to disinfect water mains after repairs were made to broken pipes. Water mains were flushed earlier this winter to rid the system of any unused free chlorine still in the lines. It is important to understand, this disinfection is both mandated by law and critical to keep the water free of harmful microbiological organisms which cause and spread disease.

DMU has portable test equipment which allows us to test your water on site for safe concentrations of contaminants and chemicals. If you notice a strong odor of bleach or chlorine you are encouraged to contact us to schedule a test of your drinking water. This test is quick and free. The safety of Delano’s drinking water is priority and serious business for all of us. If you notice any changes, you should contact us at (763)972-0557.


Main Utility Office and Generation Facilities

The photograph above shows the Main Utility office and Power Plant. The Utility Office is the central location for all operations. The Power Plant houses 5 of the 8 Utility Generators with the remaining 3 generation units and high voltage switch gear located behind the facility.

The Delano Municipal Utilities Power Plant is capable of generating a total of 24.35 MW. The picture above is a view of 4 of the 8 Power Plant Generators. Here you can see diesel engine Generators Number 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Above is a view of the Main Facility Power plant control panels. These control panels allow circuit operations and readings of important power distribution data throughout Delano.

Above is a view of Generator 9. This generating unit is jet turbine driven ( Photo Below). The jet turbine drives a mechanical reduction gear set and is connected to the main synchronous generator above. This unit is capable of generating 12.5 MW of power.

Above is a view Generator 9 Jet Turbine engine.

Located at the rear of the DMU facility are high voltage switch gear control panels. Above shows a lineup including the main SCADA interface computer that sends data to the main power plant.

Above picture shows high voltage electrical protection relays, circuit breaker controls and analog data meters.